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Working time in Poland is fixed in the Labour Code. It cannot exceed an average of 40 hours per week in a reference period of 4 months.

It is possible to extend working time in case of particularly justified needs of the employer. With the employee’s agreement, it is then possible to work up to 13 hours a day.

However, in any case, the weekly working time cannot exceed 48 hours. In a calendar year, the number of overtime hours is limited to 150, unless otherwise was provided in an agreement.

For each hour of overtime, the employee receives his/her usual pay increased by (i) 100% for night work, Sundays, and public holidays or (ii) 50% for other days. If the weekly working time within a reference period is exceeded, the employee is entitled to an increase of 100%.

It is worth noting that above-described system of weekly working hours and overtime pay does not apply to those employees who are managing a company on behalf of the employer.

The employee is entitled to continuous rest of 11 hours per day and 35 hours per week. If he/she works at least 6 hours a day, he/she has a right to a 15-minute break, which counts as working time. The employer may also set a break of up to 60 minutes which is not included in working time.

Night work starts at 9 p.m. and ends at 7 a.m. The Labour Code defines a « night worker » as an employee working for at least 3 hours per day or at least 1/4 of the working time at night. Employees working at night are entitled to a wage supplement equal to 20% of the minimum wage’s hourly rate.

The Polish Labour Code contains a limited list of reasons allowing to work on statutory holidays and on Sundays. sont permis. In compensation for work on these days, the employer shall as a general rule grant a day off work.

The table below shows some examples of working hours in the European Union:

Weekly legal working time (full-time employment contract)
35 h
40 h
37 h
48 h (average weekly limit)
Weekly effective working time (full-time employment contract, source: OECD, EUROSTAT)
36,1 h
39,6 h
34,6 h
36,8 h
Annual leave
20 - 26
Statutory holidays
8 - 10